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COVID-19 Information and Updates

This webpage was last updated on Jan 13, 2022 @ 10:18 pm

Safety and Sanitization

The safety and security of our owners, guests, and the team is our top priority. As always, we are making diligent efforts to maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene at our properties. We regularly monitor the CDC and WHO cleaning and sanitization requirements for the coronavirus (COVID-19) to guarantee our team follows them.

Our regular cleaning and sanitization procedures, designed to combat a broad spectrum of viruses, including COVID-19. As a result, we’ve expanded on them to provide an additional level of sanitization to help fight this virus. We have also enhanced our cleaning and sanitizing training, and our team’s personal hygiene, to ensure the utilization of best practices.

Employee and Guest Safety

To deliver a successful cleaning program at all of our sites, we must support and protect our employees.

Handwashing: To prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, our crew is routinely reminded to wash their hands properly.

Cleaning each unit requires a new pair of gloves to avoid cross-contamination. When a 6ft social distance is not possible, all visitors and personnel must wear masks.

Smaller units often have one housekeeper. When numerous housekeepers clean a property, they use social distancing. To keep everyone healthy, if a team member reports illness, they must stay home until symptom-free. Masks are necessary for all guests and personnel in public locations.

Cleaning Products and Procedures

In the fight against COVID-19, having the correct goods and processes in place is critical.

We clean and sanitize with COVID-19-approved chemicals, including certain hospital-grade sanitizers.

Rooms: Every property’s cleaned and sanitized before another visitor can check-in.

Elevators, door handles, light switches, and room keys are now cleaned and sanitized more frequently.

Owner and Guest Responsibility

During this period, we trust that owners and guests would use wise ideas and hygienic practices. During these very unusual circumstances, we must all do our share to limit potential spread and interaction to all parties concerned.

We will continue to closely track recommendations by the CDC and WHO and will adjust our processes as advised.

Current Cancellation Information

While we certainly understand your concerns on travel, specifically in light of recent developments with the World Health Organization, The US Government, and the State of Michigan on international travel concerns and increased personal hygiene, Water Street Inn has updated our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy and Exceptions to Cancellation Policy

Exceptions to the cancellation policy or terms and conditions aren’t recognized because of Covid19/fear of travel/limited services in other businesses/restrictions placed on services allowed by other service providers/restrictions on the operation of lodging facilities with limited services/etc. We have a cancellation policy like this:

  • During this time, we go from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
  • If you cancel your reservation between the time you make your reservation and 7 days before you arrive at the hotel, you’re charged $25.
  • If you cancel less than 7 days before your arrival, your entire deposit’s lost.

From Labor Day to Memorial Day, there is a lot of time off. If you cancel your reservation for any reason, you’re charged a $25 processing fee by the hotel.

You can change the dates of your stay for free, but we can’t guarantee the same rate or the same room.

Travelers Insurance

There is a chance that Travelers Insurance will cover some or all of the cancellation fees. When you make a reservation on our website, you can choose to have CSA Insurance cover you. In addition, we suggest that you call them to see what options and coverage they have for you. Phone number: 1-866-999-4018.

We are closely monitoring government-directed guidelines. In addition, we will re-evaluate our policies at appropriate times based on these guidelines.