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this pictures helps describe what a condotel is

They’re not a hotel, and they’re not a timeshare. These buildings are made up of multiple, individually-owned condominium units that are run like a hotel. They make for customizable, low-maintenance vacation homes that can also be rented out when you’re not using it.

Looks Like a Hotel

Many times, to the outside world a condotel seems like every other hotel. There’s a front desk, housekeeping, and some even offer continental breakfasts. Sometimes condotel units even have more amenities than a hotel would including kitchenettes, private balconies, or a beach.

High Standards

Most condotel rentals are prescreened by their management company before they are allowed to be entered into the rental pool. However, depending on how rigid the policies are for a unit to be allowed into a rental pool, every unit in a building could be styled differently. One unit may have a bright and modern style, while another may have different floral wallpaper in every room.

Individually-Owned Units

Similar to other condominiums, each unit at a condotel are owned by different people. Some people might confuse them with a timeshare, but they’re quite different. With a timeshare, you purchase set times you are allowed to use that unit. However, unlike a timeshare, if you purchase a condotel unit you own the unit every single day of the year.

Prime Locations

Owning or renting a condotel unit allows you to get access to a great location without as large of a price tag as a private residence. In northern Michigan, this means you’re staying in a downtown or waterfront location, or both!