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Head To The Water Street Inn This Winter!

Winter is a prime time to visit Boyne City, MI with its breathtaking views of Lake Charlevoix.  Snuggle up with your favorite beverage and loved one as you relax in our toasty accommodations and gaze at the beautiful lake with private beach access.  We are condotels located in close proximity to Boyne City Main Street.  Our beautifully decorated and furnished units afford you plentiful room, hassle free parking, and premier amenities (including cable TV, ski lockers, laundry facilities, kitchens/kitchenettes, etc.).  We are nestled just a block away from specialty shops, coffee/dessert, restaurants, and classy surroundings for enjoying some relaxing downtime.  Being sandwiched between the lake and Main Street makes our location sublime for travelers any season of the year.  However, about 7 miles down the road is Boyne Mountain which provides plentiful winter diversions of its own.

Snow is usually bounteous in the winter and sets the scene for beautiful outdoor adventures.  Most people looking for outdoor fun will explore on snowmobiles, participate in snow shoeing, ice skating, dog sledding, fat tire biking, and/or skiing.  Whatever your taste for outdoors; adventure awaits.

There are many details to consider when deciding which of the winter activities to participate in.  For any of these activities it is recommended that warm weather clothing is utilized for maximum enjoyment.  Particularly, warm woolen socks, a waterproof overcoat, gloves and a hat are the very basics needed.  Also, sunscreen is an imperative if participating in outdoor activities.  The sun reflecting off of the snow is a powerful force to be reckoned with.  In addition, replenishment of liquids is an important consideration even in the cold outdoor weather when actively exerting oneself.

Snow Shoeing – If you are a person who likes to hike in the summer, you are likely a person who would enjoy snow shoeing in the wintertime. Some minimal fitness level is required to climb up any mountain trail. Snow shoe rentals and additional equipment are available prior to ascent. Just one hour of this and you are likely to burn 700 calories, especially if you decide to trek the amazing trails at Avalanche just blocks off main street!

Ice Skating – If a leisurely skate appeals more, there is a frozen rink for your skating pleasure at the Boyne Mountain base.  Please note, you will need to bring your own skates.  Walloon Lake about 10 minutes drive also boasts of good skating with free skate rentals.

Snowmobiling – Snowmobiles provide a means of driving in unpaved areas of vast terrain and seeing firsthand the nature paths and winter creatures which inhabit the wooded lake-side trail.  There is special equipment rental available for a snowmobile ride and you can order a single or double snowmobile depending on the number in your group wanting to participate.  Rental fees of the snowmobile are based on the length of the trail selected.  In February there is a special event called the Moose Jaw Safari where snowmobile riders make their way from Harbor Springs to Larks Lake where a pot of bean soup awaits the daring finishers.

Fat Tire Biking – This amazing rental allows for biking through the snow.  There are electric or manual varieties of bikes which allow you to see nature in an up close way.  Equipment rentals are available at Boyne Mountain.

Skiing – There is either cross country or downhill skiing and equipment (boots, helmets, goggles, skis) can be rented in Boyne City for the days this equipment is needed.  Cross country is less expensive and burns more calories because there is no ski chair lift involved which means that all elevations are traversed by foot.  Lift tickets and some additional amount of skill are required for downhill.  There are both group and/or individual lessons to impart the skills needed for this adventure.  Downhill provides quite a thrill to those who like fast speeds, beautiful scenery and steep slopes.

If you are wanting a different experience than Boyne Mountain, there is also Mt. McSauba in Charlevoix, MI about a 20 minute drive away.  This is a charming and smaller ski area which also boasts of sledding, skating, candlelight snow shoe hikes and more.  It has been described as both romantic and family friendly but is well loved by locals and tourists alike for its outdoor winter sports.  Rated by Ski Magazine as one of the top three small ski areas in the country, and though protected by majestic pines and mature trees, Mt. McSauba lies atop the sandy dunes of Lake Michigan.

Something novel and wonderful to do in the winter which attracts many people is to walk along the beach and see what ice caves and sculptures have been formed by mother nature.  Although Lake Charlevoix is always beautiful, enjoying its’ unique winter beauty is a sight to behold. 

In Harbor Springs, MI, during certain times of very cold in the year there is ice boating which is fun and unique to watch.  People can also be spotted in their shanties, pulling their kids across the frozen lake, and taking in the breathtaking beauty and mystery of a winter lake.

Once you have enjoyed some outdoor adventure, it is always fun to sample the delicious local wines in our region.  Near Water Street Inn there are numerous wine tasting rooms only a short drive away in Charlevoix, Walloon Lake, or Petoskey, MI.

Whether you prefer to stay indoors and on Main Street, or explore the great outdoors in any number of exciting ways, we hope to see you soon in Boyne City, MI.  In addition to all of these wonderful events and activities that take place in the winter, there are numerous and equivalent diversions in the summertime. Regardless of the season, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, it is always a good time to visit Boyne City!

See you soon!